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Our Story

Baaklini Gallery, story of generations, born with a gift and taught a skill.

How we started

Founded by Aziz Baaklini, the gallery holds the legacy of two generations in this business. He learned the secrets of the trade from his ancestors and passed his knowledge to his son Antoine, grandsons Aziz and Alain. They became the fourth generation that provide the Lebanese homes with creativity, warmth and relaxations.

In 1985, after the Lebanese war ended, the Baaklini family opened their first showroom gallery in Kfour - Kesserwan. Since then, they have grown the business and have opened two showroom in Sarba - Jounieh and Mkalles - Beirut.

Our work

The family works with clear conscious and great skills, growing their reputation with each item they deliver. Their products are all handmade, unique and innovative designs, built with passion to last a lifetime.

Baaklini’ creative team and carpentry factory continues to design and craft distinguished high quality masterpiece to their loyal clients.

Visiting Baaklini Gallery showrooms will give you the change to select something different, whether modern or classic.

Our skills

Interior Design
3d Presentation
Attention to details

Some facts about us

Designs and more
Happy Clients

Design it Yourself

We create your dreams long forgotten!

The only design we care to work on, is the design you have always dreamed off. Baaklini Gallery puts to work some of the region’s best carpentries to carve the highest quality woods to perfection, giving shape to your home.

The home you always wanted!

Whatever vision you have, style, we can have it built by our creative and highly skilled team. You can be sure that the item you choose will always be unique, specially handmade & crafted to fit your needs and desires. Our team of highly experience interior designers is always available to accommodate your needs and help you create the best atmosphere that fits your home, and taste. Your dreams is our inspiration.

We Design It

  • Latest Trends
  • Designed to fit your home
  • Various colors & Fabrics
  • 3d presentations

Build It

  • High end Wood & Fabrixs
  • Best Carpenter in town
  • Innovative technology
  • Attention to details

Deliver it

  • Presented team
  • On time delivery
  • Fast After sale service

Our Portfolio

Per respect to the hard work behind each masterpiece and for our clients privacy, we are forced to display a small portfolio of our work.

The strength of our work is carefully engraved in each piece we create, from the attention to details to the robustness of the fittings.

Each item is the result of teamwork spirit, combining our experience and know-how, with the clients dreams and tastes. Each piece is unique and per respect to the hard work behind each masterpiece and for our client privacy we are forced to display a small portfolio of our work.

Do not hesitate to communicate with us, so together we would create magic in your private surrondings.

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  • project1

    Dining Room

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  • project1

    Dining Room


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